Puppy Paws & Dogs Ice Cubes Tray

Elevate every sip with Chilled Out Creations’ dog-themed ice trays! Crafted from premium platinum silicone, these customizable molds feature playful dog designs, perfect for pet lovers and special occasions. Impress guests with six large, perfectly chilled cubes that add a whimsical touch without diluting your favorite drinks. Ideal for gifts or personalising your beverage experience. Order now and bring a playful chill to your next gathering!

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Crafting Personalized Moments with a Playful Twist

At Chilled Out Creations, we elevate your beverage experience with premium, customizable ice trays that add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any gathering. Celebrate life’s special moments with our unique dog-themed ice cubes—perfect for pet lovers and festive occasions alike!

Impress everyone, from whiskey aficionados to party guests, with six ice cubes that showcase playful dog designs. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, business events, or casual evenings at home, our platinum silicone molds deliver unmatched quality and endless creative possibilities.

Here’s how we personalize your chilling experience:

  • Platinum-Silicone Luxury: Each mold is meticulously hand-crafted and trimmed to ensure superior clarity and durability. Say goodbye to generic, mass-produced ice!
  • Six Cubes, Six Paws to Impress: Customize your tray with adorable dog motifs that reflect your love for pets and add a fun twist to your drinks.
  • Perfect Size for Perfect Chill: Each cube measures a generous 45mm x 45mm x 45mm, ideal for cooling your favorite spirits without watering them down.

Ready to Elevate Your Gatherings?

  • The Gift that Keeps on Chilling: Surprise pet enthusiasts, friends, colleagues, or clients with a thoughtful and unique personalised ice tray.
  • Make Every Event Unforgettable: From brand promotions to personal celebrations, transform any event with a touch of charming, frozen artistry.
  • Get Creative with Every Cube: Whether it’s showcasing a beloved pet’s silhouette or your brand logo, the possibilities are limitless.

Experience the Chilled Out Creations difference: premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a dash of creativity to elevate every sip.

Order your custom dog-themed ice tray today and unlock a world of delightful, frosty possibilities!


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