Personalised Ice Cube Tray with Raised Lettering – 4 Cubes, Pink

Discover elegance in every ice cube with Chilled Out Creations’ exclusive 4-slot Pink Ice Cube Tray. Handcrafted from top-tier platinum silicone, our trays are designed to not only chill but enhance your drinks with personalised style. Each 4.5cm cube allows for a crystal-clear monogram, making them perfect for whiskey lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s for a home bar or a grand celebration, these trays are an ideal gift, adding a luxurious twist to any occasion. Choose durability, choose customisation, choose Chilled Out Creations for your next elevated beverage experience.

Production Time & Shipping 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri)


Customize your chill! Let us know the text you’d like to see frozen in time.

For example:

For a name: “2 Cubes – John Smith”
For a special date: “2 Cubes – 17 08 1985”
For a unique message: “Happy B’day, John Smith, Love, Emma”
Need assistance or have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out — we’re here to help craft your perfect icy inscription.


Make every drink a personal statement with Chilled Out Creations’ Custom Monogram Ice Cube Trays. These bespoke trays, crafted from premium platinum silicone, ensure your beverages are not just chilled, but also distinguished. Ideal for the whiskey aficionado or the cocktail enthusiast, these trays bring a bespoke touch to any event, from laid-back gatherings to elegant celebrations.

Why Our Ice Cube Trays Stand Out:

Handcrafted Perfection: We meticulously hand-trim each mold from platinum silicone, ensuring your ice is crystal clear and retains its shape, avoiding the commonality of factory-made alternatives.
Sizeable Impressions: With each cube measuring 4.5cm square, they’re designed to cool your drink efficiently while minimising dilution.
Four Slots for Creativity: Whether it’s initials, a name, a special date, or a unique pattern, you have six opportunities to make an impact. Choose Raised letters & numbers to suit your style.

Ideal For:

Gift-Giving: A thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift for friends, family, or colleagues that keeps giving with every use.

Events: From branding business events to adding a celebratory flair to birthdays and weddings, these ice cubes won’t go unnoticed.

Home Use: Upgrade your home bar and impress your guests with a touch of sophistication.

What You Can Expect with Chilled Out Creations:

Quality & Durability: Our choice of materials and attention to detail ensures a premium product with lasting durability.
Endless Customisation: Tailor each tray to fit the occasion or the individual. Check our shop for more customisation options.
Creative Elevation: Go beyond the standard; elevate your moments with a splash of creativity and class.
Order Now: Ready to transform your beverages? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and begin your journey toward elevated entertaining with our 6-cube custom ice tray.


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