Monogramed Couple Initials 6 Cube Ice Tray – Green

Elevate your entertaining with Chilled Out Creations’ Couple’s Monogram Ice Cube Tray in vibrant Green. Personalise each of the six 45mm cubes with unique initials for an elegant touch to any event. Premium, hand-trimmed platinum silicone moulds ensure quality and exclusivity. Perfect for corporate branding, bespoke gifts, or event decor. Order now for a dash of frozen sophistication.

Production Time & Shipping 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri)


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Discover the artistry of frozen elegance with our Couple’s Monogram Ice Cube Tray in ( Green ), a signature offering from Chilled Out Creations. Perfectly crafting six ice cubes each measuring 45mm per side, this tray is not just a functional item, but a statement piece that infuses sophistication into your gatherings and intimate moments alike.

Upon purchase, kindly specify your initials for a bespoke monogram:

For uniformity: “6 cubes with A&J”,
For variety: “3 cubes A&J, and one each of N&B, C&K, F&T”.

Crafted with the utmost care, each mould is hand-trimmed from premium platinum silicone, a testament to our dedication to quality over mass production.

Looking beyond our array of designs? We invite you to collaborate on a custom creation. Reach out to us at and together we’ll sculpt your perfect design.

Ignite your imagination with Chilled Out Creations:

Corporate Chic: Elevate your brand by serving beverages adorned with your logo-etched ice cubes—a subtle yet impactful branding element.

Confectionery Charm: Beyond beverages, our trays double as chocolate molds, allowing you to craft confectionery masterpieces personalised with your corporate identity.

Gifts with Heart: Employ our custom options to create a unique line of ice cubes or chocolates, embodying your message or logo—ideal for corporate gifts that resonate.

Creative Accents: At events, our trays can be transformed into moulds for crafting resin artefacts or aromatic soaps, echoing your brand’s essence and offering a memorable token to guests.

Dive into the bespoke world of Chilled Out Creations and redefine the presence of your brand. Secure your tray today and explore the infinite possibilities that await.


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